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Bill Hanes, Steve Tasker Steve Tasker Family Kent Hull, Steve Tasker, Marv Levy
Kent Hull, Jim Kelly, Steve Tasker, Tom Hallick Kent Hull Hard Working Man Award Bill Hanes, Marv Levy


On Wednesday, December 12, 2007, Hanes Supply, Inc., presented their 2007 Kent Hull - Hard Working Man Award to Steve Tasker, former Buffalo Bill and current CBS Sports Commentator at Fontana's Banquet Center in Western New York. The over three hundred people who attended, enjoyed a wonderful dinner and a chance to hear former Buffalo Bills roast and toast their former team mate Steve Tasker. Our special roasters included Kent Hull, Jim Kelly, Marv Levy and Tom Hallick. The Live, Silent and Chinese Auctions made the evening more exciting while helping to raise money for great local charities.

Ted Hanes
Hanes Supply, Inc.

Steve Tasker Teddy and Matthew Hanes Booker Edgerson, Kent Hull
Lee, Dick Streicher Jim Kelly and high bidders Wendy, Tom Hallick
Kent Hull HWM Award Kent Hull HWM Award Kent Hull HWM Award


No. 17 We are all glad that Steve got out of Dodge - Dodge City Community College. While at North Western, Steve was a member of PHI Delta Theta. Being part of a team that lost 34 straight games, it was no wonder that a "Toga Party" or two were needed!
No. 16 "Houston, we do not have a problem" Thank you for trying to sneak Steve through waivers. Thank Joe Faragalli, Marv Levy and Bill Polian for their astute special waiver pick up.
No. 15 Something tells us that you are not in Kansas anymore. You were off to see the Wizard, the "Wizard of Coaching". We know Marv had his Wizard on "Special Teams".
No. 14 Enquiring minds need to know, "How you timed your perfect hits as a gunner". Our opinion is TGFSI. Thank God For Steve's Intensity.
No. 13 In 1988, Dr. Richard Weiss performed surgery on Steve's left knee by adding leg muscle. Steve was faster, stronger and could jump higher. The cadaver's identity can finally be revealed. Steve Austin - The Six Million Dollar Man was the donor. Body parts cryogenically saved from the mid 1970's was not a bad re-run.
No. 12 Steve took up golfing in 1987 after a "short" career as a caddy. His role model was Seve Ballesteros, the famous Spanish golfer. Seve became: Steve's nickname. Seve hits the ball a ton and supports Jim's, Kent's, the March of Dimes and other charity golf events.
No. 11 New Jersey has the Boss. Florida has the Oranges. Tennessee has the Hillbillies. Texas has the Oil and Cowboys. California has the fruits and nuts. Minnesota has the Twin Cities and a few Wildcats. But... Western NY has Steve, Jim, Marv and now Thurman. Thank you guys for making Buffalo your home.
No. 10 Uncle Albert Tasker and nephew "Stevie" Neutron taught P = M V. Momentum = Mass times Velocity We all know Steve had great velocity with constant mass. One of the greatest momentum swings in Bills history was Steve's return of a short kickoff during the AFC Divisional Playoff on January 15th, 1994 against the Raiders. In facts, Bills "Special Teams" Coach Bruce DeHaven highlighted (10) major momentum swings by Steve on "Special Teams" as a Buffalo Bill.
No. 9 Tasker, Steve, Tasker. Rolled a 7 and 11. 7 for Seven Pro Bowl appearances. 7 for 7 Steps to the Punter for 7 career Blocked Punts. 11 for 11 Full Seasons as a Buffalo Bill. The Bills were dealt a "Pair of Aces" in 1986: Marv Levy and Steve Tasker. The pair was held together and folded together after 11-1/2 years. The Bills were re-dealt an "Ace in the Hole" with Marv back as General Manager.
No. 8 We agree with Jim Kelly that if Steve was a full time wide receiver, his receiving numbers would have been comparable to Steve Largent. Steve is truly a Multi-Tasker.
No. 7 Mr. Ralph Wilson warmly refers to his "Super Bowl Run teams" as "Silver Medalist" for four straight years. Steve had four gold's as a high school senior. Eight in the Medalist column is talking proud.
No. 6 In 1993, the only "Special Team" player ever to be selected as "The Pro Bowl MVP" and the only Buffalo Bill to be selected to the 26-member "All NFL Team".
No. 5 Steve, if you really wanted a Dr. Pepper after your last game, you could have waited to get back to Buffalo with all your fans and friends. Here - Here to Steve: "A Tisker", "A Tasker". This is the most Dr. Pepper drank at once since Forest Gump was at the White House!
No. 4 Steve had a chosen career path after his 13 years in the NFL, CBS Sports Commentator and Used Car Salesman! Marv sells a few cars too!
No. 3 Marv Levy always referred to the "Kicking Teams" during his illustrious coaching career. That changed on Sept 9th, 2007 when Steve became the 24th person enshrined on the Buffalo Bills Wall of Fame. Marv had a special player for his "Special Teams" - Steve Jay Tasker.
No. 2 At 1.73 & 83, meters and kilograms. Excuse us: 183 Lbs and 5'9". Pound for pound Steve was simply the best "Special Teams" player ever in the NFL. Whereas, Steve entered the Greater Buffalo Sports Hall of Fame in 2001. Kansas Sports Hall of Fame in 2005. Buffalo Bills Wall of Fame in 2007. We see Canton in your future.
No. 1 Steve, at your retirement press conference, you stated: "There were three things I wanted to accomplish as a professional athlete, 'I wanted to be a guy my teammates loved to have on their team', 'I wanted to be a guy who my opponents wished they had on their team' and 'I wanted to be a guy that the fans loved to watch!'" Without a doubt, you achieved this and much more, for your family, coach, coaches, teammates, friends and fans. God Bless you and your family.

Bill Hanes

Hanes Supply, Inc.

To view the visuals of the above "TOP 17 REASONS (8 + 9 = 17) WHY STEVE TASKER IS SPECTACULAR" slide presentationl, you may do so by clicking here.

Santa Santa Santa
Dennis Stupski, Tom Hallick, Ted Hanes Jim Kelly, Kent Hull, Santa Julie Hanes, Kent Hull
Steve Tasker, Roseanne Kent Hull HWM Award Taskers
Kent Hull HWM Award Fantastic Service from Fontanias Hanes Table

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Kent Hull was the center for the Buffalo Bills from 1986 thru 1996 as well as having had participated in four consecutive Super Bowls with the Buffalo Bills. Kent's years of tireless, quiet service to his team were recognized by the community as he joined teammate Jim Kelly as the first members of the Bills' Super Bowl teams inducted into the Greater Buffalo Sports Hall of Fame.

Jim Kelly was the quarterback for the Buffalo Bills from 1986 thru 1996 as well as having had participated in four consecutive Super Bowls with the Buffalo Bills. Jim came to the Buffalo Bill's after having played in the USFL for the Houston Gamblers. He is currently known for his generous work with many worthy community foundations, including Kelly for Kids Foundation and Hunter's Hope.

Darryl Talley was a linebacker for the Buffalo Bills from 1983, when the Bills' acquired him as their #2 Draft Pick, thru 1994. During his time with the Buffalo Bills he was involved with four AFC Championships and two Pro Bowl Selection. He is honored on the Ralph Wilson's Wall Fame. After the Bills, Darryl continued playing with the Falcons and the Vikings.

Marv Levy Hall of Fame, former Buffalo Bills Head Coach. Levy, who has a Master's degree from Harvard, was best known as an intelligent and analytical football coach. Perhaps better suited for the political field rather than the football field, Coach Levy led the Buffalo Bills to an unprecedented four straight Super Bowls. He used his Harvard education to motivate and shape the careers and lives of many pro football athletes.

The Kelly for Kids Foundation is committed to providing funding and support to children's charities throughout Western New York. These charities operate for the benefit of disadvantaged and handicapped youths and focus on children's needs and issues. They award Community Grants each year to deserving charities that have demonstrated a need for funding that will reap immediate, tangible results for underprivileged children.

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