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On Friday, December 5, 2008, Hanes Supply, Inc., presented their 2008 Kent Hull - Hard Working Man Award to Thurman Thomas, former Buffalo Bill, at the Millennium Hotel Banquet Center in Western New York. The over three hundred people who attended, enjoyed a wonderful dinner and a chance to hear former Buffalo Bills roast and toast their former team mate Thurman Thomas. Our special roasters included Kent Hull, Jim Kelly, Lou Piccone and Bob Koshinski. The Live and Chinese Auctions made the evening more exciting while helping to raise money for great local charities.

Ted Hanes
Hanes Supply, Inc.

Kent Hull, Jim Kelly, Lou Piccone, Bob Koshinski & Thurman Thomas Kent Hull, Jim Kelly, Lou Piccone and Bob Koshinski Jim Kelly & Thurman Thomas
Santa Claus Kent Hull Hard Working Man Award - Thurman Thomas Bob Koshinski & Thurman Thomas


DOB: May 16, 1966, Houston, Texas
College: Oklahoma State MIAMI DOLPHINS: 2000
NFL Draft: 1988, Round 2, Pick 40
Position: Running Back
BUFFALO BILLS: 1988 - 1999

Career Highlights

Pro Bowls: 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, & 1993


• Class of 2007 Pro Football Hall of Fame
• 1990’s NFL All-Decade Team Member
• Buffalo Bills All-Time Leading Rusher
• Buffalo Bills Wall of Fame Member
• 1991 NFL MVP
• 1991 Associated Press Offensive Player of the Year
• 1991 Professional Football Writers Association MVP
• Two-Time NFL All-Pro (1990, 1991)
• Three-Time NFL All Pro Second Team (89, 92, 93)
• Five-time Pro Bowler (90, 91, 92, 93, 94)
• Led NFL in Yards from Scrimmage a Record
Four Consecutive Seasons
• Three-time AFC Rushing Leader (90, 91, 93)
• Three-time AFC Touchdown Leader (89, 91, 92)
• 1985 First Team All-American/Oklahoma State
• 1987 First Team All-American/Oklahoma State
• Eight Consecutive 1,000 Yard Rushing seasons

Clift & Kent Hull Jim Kelly, Thurman Thomas & Streichers Santa Claus
Kent Hull, Valerie Hanes Thurman Thomas Hard Working Man Award
Streichers Hard Working Man Award Helpers Hard Working Man Award


No. 12  Does anyone recognize these names?
   • Gaston Green
   • John Stephens
   • Lorenzo White
   • Brad Muster
   • Craig Heyward
   • Ickey Woods
   • Tony Jeffery
Well luckily for us, they were all Running Backs chosen before Thurman Thomas in the 1988 NFL Draft. Doesn't it seam like yesterday when Thurman was chosen 40th overall by the buffalo Bills. Thank you Elijah Pitts for making your choice, our choice. Thurman had more rushing touchdowns than all the other players above combined.
No. 11  Will Wolford has blocked for some of the greatest Running Backs in NFL History including Marshall Faulk, Jerome Bettis and one Thurman Thomas. The Thermonator is at the top of Will's list and undoubtedly at the top of Kent's list.
No. 10  Last year, Steve Tasker made his "Top" list easy with his book, "Tales from the Buffalo Bills". Thurman could be inspired by “Running with the Bulls”, “Running with Buffalo”, but Thurman will title his book "Running with the Buffalo Bills".
No. 9  Thurman supports many charities with appearances including Golf Outings. Golfing with your peers, elders and fans is 99% fun and 1% serious. Just try talking when one elder, Jim Brown, is setting up to drive or lining up a putt. Thurman, remember Jim Brown's look to kill?
No. 8  Congratulations on your recent ownership in the Raiders, Rochester Raiders. All the best as the Raiders join the New Indoor Football League. Please review www.rochesterraiders.com for more details, and tickets! Thurman also has his “Thurman Thomas Sports” at Sahlen’s Sports Center in Elma, NY. Given time, we are confident Thurman's entrepreneurial success will match his football success.
No. 7  The Bills were once called Bickering Bills. But only in Buffalo could a Farm Boy from Mississippi, an Outdoorsman from rural Western Pennsylvania and an Urban Cowboy from Houston Texas come together to be teammates, friends and more than any other players in the NFL family.
No. 6  Thurman gave a whole new meaning to "I've got your back". Thurman had an uncanny ability to excel at pass blocking, the classic shoulder pads on the thighs of any size Rusher. Jim Kelly was always confident with Thurman in his backfield.
No. 5  Thurman wasn’t the fastest or the biggest yet “Bellator ab amplus cor”. That’s right Thurman, look it up, it’s not Greek but Latin for “Warrior with a Huge Heart”. Going into battle on any field, you would want Thurman, Kent and Jim on your team and by your side.
No. 4  No one has ever thought of Thurman as being light in the loafers but after the Wall and the Hall, it is time for Dancing with the Stars. Thurman has to be lighter on his feet than Warren Sapp. If Emmett can win, so can Thurman; With any luck, maybe Uma Thurman can be your partner!
No. 3  Dynasty or Destiny. Would the Bills have been a Dynasty with four Super Bowl wins. Probably. But Destiny was in store as Thurman met his Buffalo Gal, Patti, at Oklahoma State. Patti was also on an athletic golf scholarship at Oklahoma State. Destiny that the Bills would draft you in the second round in 1988. Destiny that Buffalo is your home with Patti, Olivia, Angelica, Annika Lee and Thurman III.
No. 2  The numbers and accolades abound:
   • Only player to lead the NFL in total yardage for four consecutive years.
   • Upon retirement, only second to Walter Payton in total yardage.
   • Five Pro Bowls.
   • 1991 NFL MVP.
   • 1991 AP Offensive Player of the Year.
   • 88 Touchdowns, over nine miles, 16,532 Total Yards.
   • An unselfish Player mastering all aspects of the game he loved with prodigious exploits.
   • Twelve Years with the Buffalo Bills, one with a Florida team, retiring as a Buffalo Bill at age 34.
   • The real MVP of Super Bowl XXV.
   • Wall of Fame, Ralph Wilson Stadium, next to the 12th man (2005).
   • Hall of Fame (2007).
No. 1  As Marv Levy stated, “Thurman Thomas was one of the best all purpose Running Back in the history of the NFL. He was as complete of a football player as a football player gets. A man who had character and was a character”. Thank you Thurman for being the family man you are and for a special time in Buffalo Bills History. God bless.

Bill Hanes
Hanes Supply, Inc.

Hanes Bill Taylor, Sandy Byington, Sue Hurley Ted Hanes & Thurman Thomas
Kent Hull, Bill Hanes, Jim Kelly & Thurman Thomas Ron Learn, Dave Learn Ruth, Booker Edgerson
Faulhaber, West Faulhaber Hanes, Thurman Thomas, Faulhaber Faulhaber, Clift
Kent Hull, Lou Piccone Jim Kelly & Lou Piccone, Puccios Ryans
Hanes Thurman Thomas Ted Hanes, Marissa Hanes, Thurman Thomas
Hard Working Man Award Hard Working Man Award Hard Working Man Award
Hard Working Man Award Hard Working Man Award Hard Working Man Award
Hard Working Man Award Hard Working Man Award Hard Working Man Award
Hard Working Man Award Hard Working Man Award Hard Working Man Award

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