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On Friday, December 4, 2009, Hanes Supply, Inc., presented their 2009 Kent Hull - Hard Working Man Award to Joe DeLamielleure, 2003 Football Hall of Famer and former Buffalo Bill, at the Millennium Hotel in Western New York. The over four hundred people who attended, enjoyed a wonderful dinner and a chance to hear former Buffalo Bills roast and toast their former team mate and friend Joe DeLamielleure. Our special roasters included Dick Ambrose, Eljay Bowron, Dennis D. DiPaolo, Bill Hanes, Ted Hanes, Kent Hull, Ken Jones, Bob Koshinski, Jeff Nixon, Lou Piccone, and John Shinsky. The Live and Chinese Auctions made the evening more exciting while helping to raise money for The Shinsky Orphanage.

Ted Hanes
Hanes Supply, Inc.

Kent Hull, Joe DeLamielleure Kent Hull, Ed Rutkowski, Kenny Jones, Jeff Nixon, Lou Piccone, Joe DeLamielleure, Bob Koshinski, Booker Edgerson, Vic Kent Hull, Lou Piccone, Bill Hanes, Vic
Kent Hull Kent Hull Hard Working Man Award - Joe DeLamielleure Fred Siegel, Joe DeLamielleure
Ed Killgore, Joyce Nixon DeLamielleure, Shinsky, Bowron Joe DeLamielleure

Top 13 Reasons Why Joe DeLamielleure is our favorite Right Guard of all time!

No. 13  The Number 13. Same as the number of letters in DeLamielleure and the number of years in the NFL. Joe lists his Top 13 Reasons Why 13 is his Lucky Number on pages 88 & 89 of his book "Joe D's Tales from the Buffalo Bills". Add 88 & 89 together and we get 177. 7+7-1 and we are back at 13. Seriously, Joe & Gerri were blessed with their 8th grandchild, Patrick Murphy, who has 13 letters in his name. Patrick was born on November 2, 2009. We can add all the single digits 1+1+2+9 and that would equal 13. Kent was also lucky with 13. Everyone knows Kent's number for the Bills was 67 which adds up to 13. Kent wore 58 at Mississippi State and during his 3 years with the New Jersey Generals and that adds up to 13. James Kent Hull adds up to 13. Kent was also born on January 13, and weighed 13 pounds!! God bless Kent's mom!
No. 12  The Pro Football Hall of Fame honored many great #12 Quarterbacks, including our favorite, Jim. In fact, there are 3 Kellys in the Hall of Fame: Jim Kelly, Leroy Kelly and "Bronco" Kelly.

Jim is unable to attend this evening's event due to a prior pressing engagement in Vegas.

There is only 1 number 68 and DeLamielleure in the Hall. Joe DeLamielleure and Larry Little are the only 2 Right Guards in the Hall. We are hoping the Board of Selectors have the wisdom to elect the first Number 67 and the first Hull.
No. 11  We have three early Christmas Presents for Joe; Size 13 Black & Gold Converse "Chuck Taylor - All Star High-Tops". You never know when you need to make a fashion statement at the Hall of Fame...

A Year's Supply of Right Guard. You never know when a "Bio Break" or "Bio Mis-hap" can occur when golfing with your sons on Thanksgiving Day or at a Charity Golf Outing.

Joe was Green before Green was Vogue. An Apple a Game, in your socks, kept the Doctors away. No one ever thought of Joe D as being fruity, but per Joe: "Call me nuts, but this is God's honest truth - I wore fruit during games."
No. 10  Chapter 1: "The Three Amigos" LJ Bowron, Joe DeLamielleure & John Shinsky. Joe, LJ and John are Truly FFL (Friends for Life). While playing football together at Michigan State, their journey began. As we all know, Joe continued his elite football career. Dr. John Shinsky is an Associate Professor at Grand Valley State University in Michigan. Eljay Bowron had 23 years of dedication to our country with the Secret Service. Eljay was appointed as the 18th Director of the Secret Service in 1993, the youngest man to achieve this position and honor. From humble beginnings, "The Three Amigos" have excelled in every aspect of their lives.

Chapter 2: The Journey of The Three Amigos continued with a 2000 mile bicycle trip from Michigan State to Matamoros, Mexico. "The City of Children at Matamoros Mexico" is providing a new world for abandoned and abused children. Please review the website www.shinskyorphanage.com for more information and donation opportunities. The 18 days spent together on the bike ride by The Three Amigos will be cherished for a lifetime.
No. 9  When Joe D hit you, you knew and felt it especially the day after the game. In 1981, Joe DeLamielleure's trap blocks put three defensive ends out of action in one game. He got them all with the head, the helmet. Fred Dean went down with a bruised sternum and esophagus. "My pads slipped up. It felt like an iron ball hit me in the chest," Dean later recalled. Lawrence Pillars got a cracked rib. Dwayne Board a shoulder injury. The Monday after the game, Randy Cross passed the three of them outside the trainer's room. "Old Joe D. can still trap block, can he?," he said."
No. 8  Joe was the Power in front of the Juice, the Force on the "O" line that lead the Electric Company. Joe also had a 'special' friendship with teammate Linebackers Merv Krakau, John Skorupan & Dick "The Judge" Ambrose... And he has a special on going war with Jack Lambert that was legendary.
No. 7  The Seneca Nation has chosen wisely "A Big Man with a Big Heart" Joe D is an excellent choice for the Seneca's Good Will Ambassador. He represents the Seneca Nation with Pride, Honor and Family Spirit. ne'yaive - Thank You (nee-yalw-wenl)
No. 6  The Battle of the Decade, Joe D verses Mean Joe Green. Joe faced mean Joe 8 times and held i.e. Limited Mean Joe to 15 tackles and 0 sacks. Mean needed a 6 pack of super-sized coke-a-cola before the games against Joe D. Joe Greene was very gracious in his Hall of Fame Welcoming Committee address to Joe D. Their Battles brought the best out of both men, physically and mentally. Both needed their "Triple A" Game on for each and every game. Joe Greene stated "No one blocked me better than Joe DeLamielleure".
No. 5  Joe DeLamielleure was built tough, Detroit Motor City Football Tough. Joe played 185 consecutive games during his 13 seasons in the NFL. Joe also was a Special Teamer, Playing the Wedge on the Kick off Return Team while playing for the Bills. All this was achieved naturally, without the use of steroids. Today Joe keeps himself in top shape with his band work out technology... Available at www.joedbands.com.
No. 4  We are please to have an International Special Olympics Gold Metal Winner in attendance Fred Siegel. Fred won gold in the 1 mile run at the 1984 International Special Olympics game. During Fred's first race ever at the 1979 Erie County Special Olympics Game, Joe D saw Fred struggling through the mile. With out hesitation, Joe D was running besides Fred inspiring him on. That one moment changed Fred's life. Their story gained National attention. For the Mike & Mike Show as a "Broadcast-Human Interest" from NYSARC.
No. 3  Joe D has been fortunate to play and learn from some of Football's greatest Coaches including Duffy Daugherty, Lou Saban, Jim Ringo & Sam Rutigliano. Sometimes the coaches could be quite "outspoken" after a difficult 1st half game verses Michigan, Joe D's buttocks was being worked on by the Trainers in the Locker Room. Duffy Daugherty did not miss the opportunity to let Joe D. know that was the best he has looked all day!

Jim Ringo had his thoughts on Joe D. as follows Page 175: "He was the finest guard I ever coached. He did it the way it was supposed to be done, without mistakes. He graded out the highest offensive lineman year in and year out. He was intuitive as any player I ever coached or played with. He was as good a run blocker as Hannah, and Hannah was awesome, and a better pass blocker from the guard position. A great, great football player." - Jim Ringo, interview on DBFN (2002)
No. 2  The Honors Abound
  • Pro Football Hall of Fame 2003
  • 6 Pro Bowl Selections 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980
  • 6 First time All-Pro Selection 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980
  • 2 Second Team All-Pro Selection 1974, 1983
  • All American and 3 time All-Big Ten at Michigan State
  • NFL 1970's All-Decade Team
  • Buffalo Bills Wall of Fame
  • Co-Offensive Lineman of the Year Award - 1000 Yard Rusher Club 1973
  • NFLPA AFL Offensive Line of the Year 1975
  • Forrest Gregg Award - NFL Offensive Lineman of the Year 1977
  • East-West Shrine Game Hall of Fame 2007
  • The only Offensive Lineman in NFL History to block for a 2000 yard MVP Rusher and 4000 yard MVP Passer.
  • Last but not least; Top 10 Player of all time in the Guard Category by the www.institutefootballnerds.com
No. 1  As great of an NFL Hall of Fame Player you are, what you have accomplished off the field is equally as impressive. Your fight to bring fair retirement benefits and dignity to all former NFL Players deserves admiration from all working men & women.

You always have the time for all worthy charity causes and events. It is your character to be proud to be considered an "Average Joe", always willing to shake a fan's hand, pose for a photo and sign an autograph.

You were the consummate team player that played every down to the fullest for the team. But most important, you are a dedicated husband to your lifelong sweet heart Gerri and father to 6 wonderful children and 8 grandchildren. God bless you and your family. "

Thank you Joe DeLamielleure for a fantastic time in Buffalo Bills history!

Bill Hanes
Hanes Supply, Inc.

To view an HTML version of the TOP 12 list with visuals, click here.

Vic, Bob Fred Siegel, Joe DeLamielleure Joe DeLamielleure
Rennards Joe DeLamielleure, Kenny Jones, Lou Piccone, Teddy Hanes, Marissa Hane Donna Hanes Learn, Dave Learn
Kent Hull, Joe DeLamielleure Dick Ambrose John Shinsky, Eljay Bowen
Ted Hanes, Teddy Hanes, Mr and Mrs Hull Kent Hull, Kenny Jones, Lou Piccone, Joe DeLamielleure, John Shinsky, Eljay Bowron Mr and Mrs Eljay Bowron
Sandy Bingington Joe DeLamielleure, Fred Siegel Joe DeLamielleure
Mr and Mrs Kent Hull Bill Hanes, Dave Learn, Dick Streicher and family Hanes, Learn, West
Mr and Mrs Holloway Marissa Hanes, Teddy Hanes Joe DeLamielleure
Mr and Mrs George Phillips Bill Hanes, Dave Learn, Dick Streicher and family Joyce Wilson Nixon
Mr and Mrs John Shinsky, Mrs Eljay Bowen Joe DeLamielleure, Kent Hull Lou Piccone
Eljay Bowen, Dennis D. DiPaolo Joe DeLamielleure, Hawk Ryan Caldwell, Roger Cymmerman, Tony Tresco, Dick Streicher
Joe DeLamielleure, Dennis D. DiPaolo Bob Gnann George Phillips

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