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On Friday, December 10, 2010, Hanes Supply, Inc., presented their 2010 Kent Hull - Hard Working Man Award to both Booker Edgerson and George "Butch" Byrd, former Buffalo Bills of the famed 1960s line ups, at the Millennium Hotel Banquet Center in Western New York. The over three hundred people who attended, enjoyed a wonderful dinner and a chance to hear former Buffalo Bills roast and toast their former team mates. Our special roasters included Bill Hanes, Bob Koshinski, Dennis D. DiPaolo, Ed Rutkowski, Lou Piccone, and Ted Hanes.

Ted Hanes
Hanes Supply, Inc.

Kent Hull Award, George Butch Byrd, Bill Hanes, Booker Edgerson, Ted Hanes, Dennis D DiPaolo, Ed Rutkowski, Bob Koshinski, Lou Piccone
George Butch Byrd Booker Edgerson, George Butch Byrd Booker Edgerson
Booker Edgerson, George Butch Byrd Booker Edgerson, George Butch Byrd, Dave Learn, Dick Streicher, Bob Koshinski Kent Hull
Dennis D. DiPaolo George Butch Byrd, Booker Edgerson, Ed Rutkowski, Bob Koshinski, Lou Piccone Booker Edgerson, George Butch Byrd


No. 13  The Dynamic Duo  There have been many great Duos in history
   • Batman and Robin
   • Gibson and Glover
   • Smarter than your average bear - Yogi and Boo Boo
   • Bruce and Clarence
   • The Green Lantern and Cato
   • The Lone Ranger and Tonto
   • The Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote
   • Sanford and Son
   • R2D2 and CP30
   • Fred and Barney
   • Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck
   • Scooby Doo and Shaggy
   • The other "Butch" - Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
But none more of a Dynamic Duo at cornerback together than Booker and Butch. Both Booker and Butch enjoyed great physical ability. Booker was lightning fast and could close on the receiver with his 9.7 100-yard speed. Butch would hammer receivers and any running back coming into the back field. They were smart players who taught and learned from each other. This was a time when the players played without 19 coaches on a team, without video replays and without countless hours watching films. They practiced and played hard each and every day and down.
No. 12  Double Your Pleasure - Double Your Fun  It wasn't fun for all the AFL receivers such as Lance Alworth, Don Maynard, Charlie Hennigan and Lionel Taylor, going up against the Dynamic Duo of Booker and Butch. The opposing receivers and offensive players knew they were in for a rough day playing against Booker and Butch and the Great Bills Defenses of the 1960's.
No. 11  The Battle of Lake Erie  The AFL 1964 Champions Buffalo Bills verses the NFL 1964 Champions Cleveland Browns. The Bills matched up great, were younger, faster and simply better. "We'd have won hands down," former Bills cornerback Booker Edgerson said. The Bills would have put Edgerson on Warfield and "Butch" Byrd on Collins and played a physical style. Edgerson and Byrd were great at bump-and-run coverage. The Browns would have been down for the count. Our money would have been on the Buffalo Bills. The Dog Pile would have been wiping off their tears as the Bills cleaned up.
No. 10  The Charity Efforts  Both Booker and Butch have been very active in the Buffalo Bills Alumni. Booker is the current president. They devote countless hours to supporting many charitable events. The Bills Alumni Celebrity Golf Outing is one of many. Hanes Supply was fortunate to play with Butch this year, as Tom Glomb can attest. Butch was Mr. Clutch sinking all the tough putts. Booker has been at every Hanes Supply company golf outing for the last 10 years and every Hard Working Man Award - Sports Night. Booker and other Bills alumni devoted their Thanksgiving this year helping those in need at the Buffalo City Mission.
No. 9  The Charity Work does have its "Fringe" Benefits  It's a tough job, but someone has to do it. Booker and Butch were all smiles at the NFLPA Luau party in Maui this spring. Booker never misses a "polaroid" moment.
No. 8  The Second Front  Pro football players in the 1960's had "second fronts". Hanes Supply is the second front of our founder and father, Theodore C. Hanes whose "primary" career was the Buffalo Fire Department. Booker had a second front at 998 Broadway in the Sattler's sports department. We can all remember Sestak and Maguire's restaurant on Cleveland Drive in Cheektowaga. Both Booker and Butch scouted for the Bills and Broncos for a short time. Booker's career path included substitute teaching, human resources at New York Telephone and owning his own travel agency. He finished his career as an administrator for Erie Community College. Butch worked for Chrysler for 10 years and Polaroid for 22 years. While playing for the Bills, he was a sales associate for printers and copiers in a retail store, worked for NY State doing PR assignments, opened a restaurant and a Utica Club Beer distributorship. Yes, after successful football careers, there is success in work and life.
No. 7 & 6  Two Men and Two Men Whose Lives are Intertwined  Booker and Butch were fortunate to have worked for and played for Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. and Lou Saban.
No. 7  Ralph C. Wilson, Jr.  Two words can help describe Mr. Wilson. Generosity and Loyalty. Mr. Wilson has been very generous to many local and national charities during his 51 years of ownership of the Buffalo Bills. Much more than many Western New Yorkers realize. Recently Mr. Wilson donated One Million Dollars to the Kaleida Health Foundation. Other charities include the following:
   • The Mary and Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Counseling Center for the Hospice Foundation in Buffalo
   • Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. School of Education at St. John Fisher College in Rochester
   • The Ralph Wilson Medical Research Foundation which has provided grants to the following organizations:
        - The Cleveland Clinic
        - The Mayo Clinic
        - Roswell Park Cancer Institute
        - Wayne State University
Loyalty to Western New York, as there have been opportunities to move the Bills franchise over the years. The grass was not greener in other cities for Mr. Wilson. We thank the entire voting committee for their astute choice of Mr. Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2009.

video link to be added
No. 6  Lou Saban  Two words that can also describe Lou Saban, Teacher and Coach. Lou Saban loved the game of football, both playing and coaching his entire life. He put his heart and soul into leading the Buffalo Bills to two AFL championships in 1964 and 1965. Booker was coached by Lou Saban at Western Illinois University. Both leading the team to an undefeated 9 - 0 record in 1959. Saban convinced Booker to play professional football instead of baseball. Butch was drafted by Saban in 1964. Both men excelled under the guidance of Coach Saban. Saban knew talent and brought in quality players to build the championship teams. "Trader" Lou paid cash to the Boston Patriots for Harry Jacobs, the Bills middle linebacker and captain of the defense. The list of other great players include: Jack Kemp, Cookie Gilchrist, Tom Sestak, Billy Shaw, Stew Barber, Ron McDole, Al Bemiller, Charley Ferguson, Elbert Dubenion and many, many more.

When Lou Saban moved on to coach the Denver Broncos, Booker and Butch were later signed by Denver. Although both had a short time in Denver, they jumped at the chance to be reunited with their former coach. Very few Western New Yorkers realize that Lou Saban, as head coach of the Miami Hurricanes was very influential in getting Jim Kelly to the University of Miami. Coach Saban would continue to coach at the college and high school levels, into his 80's. Teaching and coaching young men about football and life and emphasizing how precious time is for us all.

video link to be added
No. 5  Salaries and Bonuses  Both Booker and Butch played before the salaries and bonuses in pro football went off the charts. Booker signed for $7,500 which was better than the $7,000 baseball offered. Butch signed for $10,000 with a $2,500 signing bonus. Tonight, we can make up for that - A Million Dollar Sattler's Department Store Scrip!!
No. 4  Joe Namath and the Buffalo Bills Defense  Three days before Super Bowl 3, Namath responded to a heckler with the now famous line: "We're gonna win the game. I guarantee it". His words eventually made headlines across the country, but were dismissed by most observers as mere bravado. In the game however, Namath backed up his boast and showed that his success against tough AFL competition had more than prepared him to take on the NFL. The Colts' vaunted defense was unable to contain the Jets running or passing game, while their ineffective offense gave up four interceptions to the Jets. Namath was the game's MVP, completing eight passes to George Sauer alone, for 133 yards. Namath acquired legendary status for AFL fans as the symbol of their league's legitimacy. When he was asked by reporters after the game whether the Colts defense was the "toughest he had ever faced", Namath responded "That would be the Buffalo Bills defense". The AFL Bills had intercepted Namath five times, three for touchdowns, in the Bills only win that 1968 AFL season.
No. 3  Helping Players On and Off the Field  Robert James, defensive back for the Bills from 1969 thru 1974 was disillusioned at his first training camp and quit football. Booker and Butch had taken James under their wing and forced head coach John Rauch to send Elbert Dubenion down to Tennessee to get James back to camp. This saved Robert James' career which was extremely successful as a three-time Pro Bowler, until a knee injury ended his career. Doug Goodwin was a reserve running back for the 1965 Championship Buffalo Bills, who had a limited career due to knee injuries. Goodwin needed a heart transplant to survive in 2001. Mr. Wilson and the Buffalo Bills Alumni stepped up to the plate. They provided the funds for the surgery. This surgery was not without its complications. The surgery was scheduled for 9-11-2001. The heart was flown from Boston Logan that morning along with two other jetliners heading to New York. The small plane landed in New Jersey and Doug Goodwin's new heart was driven to New York. The last vehicle to cross the George Washington Bridge before it closed was the emergency van carrying Doug Goodwin's heart. Doug awoke 6 hours after surgery to a surreal New York with the mayhem that had occurred on 9-11. The commitment to all former Bills in time of need is something Mr. Wilson, the entire Bills organization and the Bills Alumni can be proud of, each and every day.
No. 2  The Stats, Accomplishments and Honors


     • Undrafted free agent signed by Saban in 1962.
     • Started his 1st game for the Bills as a rookie & his last game as an 8-year veteran.
     • 4 Letterman (football, baseball, wrestling, track & field) at Western Illinois University.
     • All AFL Rookie Team in 1962.
     • The only football player to catch Lance "Bambi" Alworth from behind.
     • 23-Career Interceptions.
     • 3-Career Touchdowns, 2-Interception Returns for Touchdowns, including one verses Joe Namath,
        1-Forced Fumble returned for a Touchdown verses Greg Cook and the Cincinnati Bengals in blizzard
        conditions. This effectively won Booker's last game at War Memorial Stadium as a Buffalo Bill.
     • 1965 AFL Pro-Bowl.
     • 1969 All-AFL 2nd Team (NY Daily News & UPI).
     • 1993 Recipient Ralph C. Wilson Award.
     • 2001 Buffalo Sports Hall of Fame.
     • Pro Football Hall of Fame (picture only).
     • 2010 Buffalo Bills Wall of Fame.

     • Drafted by Saban 4th Round in 1964.
     • Started his first game as a rookie and his last game as a Buffalo Bill in 1970.
     • Lettered in football and track, explosive Running Back and Receiver at Boston University.
        Member of Boston University Hall of Fame 1980.
     • AFL All-Star 1964, 1965, 1966, 1967 and 1969.
     • AFL All-Time 2nd Team.
     • 40-Career Interceptions. Still a Buffalo Bills record for 666 Yards.
     • 6-Career Touchdowns. 5-Interception Returns for Touchdowns. 1-Punt Return for Touchdown.
        in 1965 AFL Championship Game vs. San Diego. Paul Maguire, Number 55 had two key blocks.
     • Member of Buffalo Bills All-Time 50-Year Team.
     • 2010 Member of Capital Region (NY) Football Hall of Fame.
     • 2008 Buffalo Sports Hall of Fame.
     • Number 42 wore Number 24 as a Denver Bronco.
     • One of the most prolific Punt Returners in Buffalo Bills and AFL history. 86 Returns for 600 Yards.
     • 1994 Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Distinguished Service Award & our vote for the 2011 Buffalo Bills Wall of Fame.
No. 1  Reason "Booker Edgerson" and "Butch Byrd" are well deserving recipients of the HWM Award  We would like to quote John Wooden. "Ability may get you to the top, but it takes character to keep you there." Undoubtedly both Booker and Butch have shown the character and integrity as true champions on the field and off the field. God Bless You and Your Families for continued Health and Wealth now and in the future.

Bill Hanes
Hanes Supply, Inc.

To view an HTML version of the TOP 13 list with visuals, click here.  

Kent Hull Annette, Dave, Patti Mary, Butch
Eric, David Bill Hanes, Booker Edgerson Santa
Booker Edgerson at Kent Hull Award Robert, Annette, Justin Kent Hull Hard Working Man Award
Kent Hull Hard Working Man Award Laurias
Kent Hull Hard Working Man Award Whites Charley Ferguson
Charley Ferguson, Justin Streicher Kent Hull Hard Working Man Award Bill Hanes, Mary, Butch Byrd
Dick and Justin Streicher Butch Byrd, Holly, Booker David and Don Learn
Kent Hull Jenn, Bill, Annette, Patti Justin Streicher, Robert Stricher, Charley Ferguson
David and Donna Learn Ryan, Chad, Robb
Kent Hull Hard Working Man Award Kent Hull Kent Hull Hard Working Man Award
Kent Hull Kent Hull Hard Working Man Award Kent Hull Hard Working Man Award

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