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crosby lifting hooks


HSI supplies hooks from the best known manufacturers in the industry, including Crosby® and CM®. Crosby® lifting hooks are quenched and tempered with carbon and alloy, which are recommended for all critical applications, including overhead lifting. Impact and fatigue properties are superior with quenched and tempered hooks.

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grade 80 chain


We provide chains certified for overhead lifting, as well as a wide selection of chains for other applications such as load securement, marine and mining applications, lighting fixtures, fencing, and more. For overhead lifting we supply Herc-Alloy 500, 800, and 1000 chains. For lifting applications with a low working load where resistance to corrosion or extreme heat is preferred, Type 347 Stainless Steel Chain can be used. For non-lifting applications, we provide anchor chain, long link chain, twist chain, sash chain, safety chain, and grade 70 transport chain for tie downs and over-the-road equipment.

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lifting hook


Our forged and heat treated carbon steel connecting and clevis links are designed to link chain to rings, end links, eye hooks, pad eyes – any attachment point for chain. Our supply includes threaded quick links and double clevis links.

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master link


Master links create a secure connection in a length of chain or a chain sling assembly. We supply oblong and pear shaped master links for heavy duty lifting applications.

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latch kit


We provide spring latches for connecting chain to an anchor point with a secure spring-loaded safety hatch to keep the hook from disconnecting during use.

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