HSI provides abrasives for a variety of applications from cleaning to sanding, deburring, stripping, and finishing. Our inventory includes abrasives specialized for metal, wood, paint, plaster, and more; specializing in cutoff wheels, grinding wheels and flap discs for metal fabrication applications. We supply abrasive products from the most trusted brand names in the industry, including SAIT/United Abrasives®, 3M®, Arc®, and Nicholson®.

Whatever abrasives you require for your application, we supply an abrasive product to fit your needs. If you have questions about what abrasives are best suited for your application, please contact one of Hanes Supply’s product experts at 1-888-426-3755.

Abrasive Accessories


Our wide selection of high quality abrasive products includes hand sanders and blocks, spindles, disc pads, deburring tools, and adapters. Featuring United Abrasives: SAIT® abrasive products such as the trimback disc, which allows you to trim the back of the disc to expose more abrasive materials.

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Abrasive Brushes


Cup brushes, end brushes, pipe brushes and wheel brushes fit a large variety of surface finishing and deburring applications. 3M® abrasives clean, deburr and finish materials with minimal pressure and minimal wear.

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Bonded Abrasives


Bonded abrasives are engineered with a mixture of abrasive grains that are bonded with synthetic fibers to create a conformable, three-dimensional surface, designed to be extremely rugged and long-lasting while providing superior abrasive action. Our selection of bonded abrasives includes bench and pedestal grinding wheels, cut-off wheels, depressed center wheels, and more.

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Buffing & Polishing


Polish surfaces to perfection with our supply of buffing compounds, buffing discs and wheels, polishing compounds and polish. High quality abrasive materials guarantee a smooth and shiny result for any buffing or polishing application.

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Coated Abrasives


Coated abrasives consist of an abrasive mixture bonded to paper or cloth. We provide abrasive disc, bands, rolls, and sanding sleeves for a variety of applications, featuring United Abrasives SAIT® products including specialty trimback flap discs which allow the user to trim away the back of the disc to expose more abrasive material.

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Diamond & Super Abrasive


3M® Flexible Diamond products utilize the sharp and fast cutting qualities of diamonds to perform a variety of heavy duty abrasive applications, from grinding hard-to-cut materials to fine-finishing delicate surfaces. The power of diamond abrasives reduces the manual energy needed to achieve the desired finish.

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Non-Woven Abrasives


3M® Scotch Brite non-woven abrasives are bonded to flexible nylon fibers for controlled abrasive action. Fresh abrasive is continually exposed to the work surface to deliver consistent, uniform results. Our non-woven abrasives include abrasive discs, brushes, hand pads, belts, and wheels.

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Sharpening Sticks & Stones


A worker is only as good as their tools. Sharpening sticks and stones are available to give your tools a cutting edge.

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