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Hanes Supply is an expert in all areas of rigging equipment and lifting devices. Our stock and custom engineered lifting slings and below the hook lifting devices are backed by the highest quality rigging equipment available.

Our rigging equipment line includes a large inventory of rigging hardware such as hooks, shackles, turnbuckles, blocks, sheaves, and more. With access to world class fabrication facilities, we can engineer and manufacture slings and below the hook lifting devices designed for your specific application, complete with the rigging hardware that is best for the application at hand.

If you have questions about which rigging hardware is right for your lift, call our rigging experts at 1-888-426-3755. We will be happy to put our knowledge to use and assist your lift.

Rigging Shackle


Shackles create a secure connection between a load and a lifting device or sling. Our CM®, Campbell®, Van Beest®, Shookum® and Crosby® shackle inventory includes bolt type shackles, screw pin shackles, anchor shackles, and more, all fatigue rated and forged for capacities thru 55 tons.

Lifting and Rigging Hook


Designed for maximum safety and durability. Our hooks, featuring Crosby® rigging hooks, are regarded as the toughest rigging hooks available. Our selection includes a wide variety of designs engineered for many applications, including swivel hooks, clevis hooks, grab hooks, choker hooks, sorting hooks, and more.

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Rigging Turnbuckles


Heat-treated and high strength turnbuckles adjust tension where needed in applications from construction to aircrafts and piping. Our Crosby® and Chicago Hardware® shackles are available in a wide variety of end fittings.

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Hoist Rings and Lifting Supplies


Hoist rings are the most efficient way to connect rigging directly to a load. Allowing for a 360° rotation at the point of connection and a 180° pivot of the D-ring, hoist rings are easy to install and are available in several designs, including weather resistant hoist rings, side load rings, and large opening hoist rings.

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Blocks and Sheaves For Lifting and Rigging


Strong and durable locks and sheaves are key to a successful lift. Hanes provides single thru quad blocks for a wide range of applications, including hook blocks, block and tackle, flat mount, fixed eye, swivel hook blocks, and directional blocks.

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Pad Eye Lifting and Rigging Supplies


Pad eyes can be welded or bolted to create a permanent anchor point for attaching a hook, cable, or lifting device. Our high strength eye pads are widely used for applications in the farming, marine, and material handling industries.

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