Below-the-Hook Lifting Accessories

HSI offers standard and custom-engineered below the hook lifting devices and accessories for stable, safe, and efficient lifting. In addition to our wide stock selection of spreader beams, lifting beams, crane baskets, pipe grabs, clamps and more, Hanes has the ability to custom manufacture made-to-order lifters for loads that require a custom engineered solution.

For even the most difficult lifting application, Hanes provides a standard solution or custom-made below the hook lifting device that will add value and efficacy to the lift. All of our lifting systems are designed to prioritize the operator’s ability to execute their job safely and efficiently, saving the company time and money.

If you have questions about which below the hook lifting device is right for your application, please call our rigging and lifting experts at 1-888-426-3755. We will be happy to advise you on how one of our standard or custom engineered below the hook lifting solutions can best serve you.

barrier grab


Hanes Supply heavy duty barrier grabs allow for easy, safe and efficient placement of concrete meridian barriers. With custom gripper pads, our barrier lifts provide superior gripping ability without damaging the concrete surface. Designed to withstand the day to day rigors and weather damage of a highway worksite.

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pipe grab


Our pipe grabs are engineered to save time and money by providing an efficient solution to lifting concrete, water, and sewer pipes. With replaceable grip pads and builds for a variety of pipe sizes and materials, our high quality pipe grabs can hold up to repeated applications for years.

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beam clamp


We provide beam clamps which grip the beam at three points to provide a secure, balanced lift, even when the clamp is slightly off center lengthwise. Our beam clamps realize time savings by quickly and efficiently moving plates and beams.

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custom below the hook lifting devices


Hanes has full access to Engineered Lifting Technologies and can fabricate customized lifters including spreader beams, lifting beams, crane baskets, pallet lifters, forklift beams, windmill lifting systems, and more for applications that require custom below the hook lifting solutions. To see more information about our custom engineered below the hook solutions, please see our Lifting Device Fabrication page. To custom order a below the hook lifting solution from Hanes, please contact us and we will partner with you and our lifting device engineers to manufacture a system for your specific lifting application.

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