Hoists & Trolleys

Hoists are ful assistants in safe and efficient lifting and material handling operations. Hanes supplies a complete line of quality hoists and trolleys for a variety of applications. Our heavy duty, durable air hoists, electric hoists, and ratchet hoists let your equipment do the work for you to realize savings on labor and time.

If you have questions about which hoist system is best suited for your application, please call our hoist experts at 1-888-426-3755. We also provide expert hoist repairs in our world class repair shop.

lever chain hoist


Lever chain hoists are a high performance solution for lifting, pulling, and positioning operations. They can be used in horizontal and vertical applications. With very little pulling force required for operation, lever chain hoists can help you realize savings on time and money.

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manual chain crane hoist


Manual chain hoists increase the operator’s manual lifting ability for lifting and positioning applications. Manual chain hoists are available in capacities up to 10 tons.

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electric grip hoist


Electric hoists are available in single, double, and triple-reaved configurations. These heavy duty hoists are ideal for harsh environments, and are designed with high strength for reliable repeated load lifting. Adjustable speeds and creep-control allow for precise load positioning.

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Cable Hoists and Cable Ratchet Winches


Cable hoists utilize high strength wire rope in place of chain. Ratchet pullers employ a ratchet to reduce the pulling force needed by the operator to lift loads. These hoists are ideal in applications where headroom is limited for hoisting, pulling, or stretching jobs.

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air chain hoist


Air chain hoists utilize pneumatics for variable speed lifting and load positioning in manufacturing, , and industrial facilities. Our light, compact, and rugged air chain hoists are available in a range of capacities and in configurations including hook mount or motorized trolleys for mounting on jibs or beams. Spark resistant models are available for hazardous environments.

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Manufactured for heavy duty jobs, our trolleys provide precise, smooth performance for repeated applications, allowing for a mobile hoist system.

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chain container


Chain containers suspend from the hoist and allow the operator to keep slack chains out of the way so they don’t interfere with the hoist application at hand. We supply chain containers for a variety of chain types and sizes.

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