Construction Supply / Jobsite Ops

HSI provides the construction supplies needed at any jobsite. With specialized tools for electrical and welding applications, we sell a complete line of construction supplies including testing and measuring tools, cords and cables, HVAC supplies, and more.

For complete construction supply solutions that save you time and money, keep your jobsite stocked with high quality essentials from Hanes Supply.

electrical tools


We supply electrical tool essentials for electrical applications, including batteries, conduit fittings, knockout tools, and specialized lineman tools including cable fishing and pulling tools.

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portable lighting & flashlights


Our selection of flashlights and portable lighting solutions includes portable temporary lighting systems, worklights, headlights, location lights, and more.

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Testing & Measuring

Testing and measuring tools are essential for making sure the job gets done right. Our inventory of testing and measuring tools includes circuit tracing and verifying, micrometers, calipers, gages, electrical testers, telecom test equipment, measuring and layout tools, and more.

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yellow electrical cable

HSI supplies wires, cords, and cables for lighting systems, including extension cords, outlet strips, GFCI devices, and splices.

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hoses clamp

We supply hoses, tubes, and fittings such as blow guns, hose clamps, pipe fittings and couplings, pneumatic fittings, shut off valves, and more.

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HVAC tubing

HSI's heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) supplies include heaters, blowers, cooling fans, floor fans, and heat blankets.

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vehicle racks

Truck boxes and vehicle racks enable easy and secure transportation of materials on the road.

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Welding, Wire Tools & Soldering

We supply specialized tools for welding and soldering, including gas welding equipment, solder, welding cables, rods and wires, wire tuggers and more.

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