MRO Supplies

Maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) are key to a functional facility. HSI provides MRO supplies to keep any facility clean, safe, and in proper condition for efficient work.

Whatever MRO supplies your job requires, Hanes provides a solution to make your maintenance and repair processes run smoothly and keep your workplace in pristine condition. MRO is essential to a safe and efficient workplace. Letting proper checks, maintenance, and repair of equipment fall to the wayside can put worker safety at risk and can result in expensive property damage and repair costs. Realize savings on time and equipment by properly maintaining and repairing with Hanes MRO products.

HSI supplies a wide variety of MRO products for any industry facility, from raw materials to industrial cleaning supplies. If you have questions about what MRO products best fit your needs, please contact our product specialists at 1-888-426-3755.

adhesives & sealants


We provide adhesive products for any bonding application, including liquid, foam, aerosol, and gel adhesives. Loctite adhesive product options include instant, acrylic and rubber-based adhesives for any speed, impact or temperature requirement. Thread sealants lock threaded fittings in place.

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Our chemical cleaning supplies include floor and surface cleaners, solvents and degreasers, rust inhibitors, metalworking chemicals, electrical chemicals, and more.

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janitorial & facility maintenance


Janitorial cleaning supplies and facility maintenance products keep your facility clean, safe, and efficient. Our janitorial products include brooms, mops, dusters and cleaning pads, paper products, wipes, receptacles, squeegees and more.

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lubricants & cooling


Lubricants and coolants are vital for preventing friction and wear in machinery and equipment to keep them performing seamlessly. Our inventory includes cutting oils, coolants, grease guns, oilers and oil reservoirs, and more to fit any application where lubrication and cooling is necessary.

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paints, equipment & supplies


Hanes provides paint and painting supplies. Our industrial paint options include touch-up paints, fluorescent paint, high temperature paint, primer, upside down paint, toolmaker’s ink, and more. We also supply paint supplies like brushes, trays, rollers, and ink removers.

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raw materials


We provide raw materials including keystock for transmitting power from a shaft to a gear or other hardware; shims for leveling surfaces and filling spaces; high quality wire products; and other raw materials.

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tape & packaging supplies


Our tape and packaging supplies include a variety of tapes for industry applications, including strapping tape, heavy duty packaging tape, electrical tape, insulating tape, double face and masking tape. We also provide packaging dispensers and equipment, as well as strapping supplies.

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