Wire Rope Fittings & Accessories

HSI is a complete rigging supplier for construction and industrial industries. We supply wire rope end fittings, sleeves, and swage fittings for wire rope for custom sling designs that can be fabricated on the job when a pre-fabricated sling is not available.

Our selection of wire rope fittings includes a wide variety of sleeves, wire rope swivels, wire rope clips, swaged and swageless eye fittings, and more from partners like Crosby®, Campbell®, and 3M®.

Wire rope fittings are engineered to allow for the creation of a variety of lifting solutions to meet the application in question. HSI is a sling manufacturer with the ability to fabricate and ship complete ready-to-use wire rope assemblies to your exact specification.

If you have questions about how you can best utilize our rigging fittings in your lift, please contact one of Hanes’ lifting and rigging experts at 1-888-426-3755.

sleeves and thimbles


Wire rope sleeves are used in applications where wire rope must be turned into a loop or eye.  When using an oval or duplex sleeve, this is accomplished by sliding the wire rope through one end of the sleeve and then turning it back to the sleeve to create an eye.  The sleeve is crimped to secure the wire.  When a Flemish loop is desired to increase the efficiency of the eye, a high performance sleeve is swaged onto the dead ends of the spliced rope to create a high strength, mechanical termination.

A wire rope thimble can be inserted into the eye for support or to resist damage.  In this case, the rope is pulled tight around the thimble before the final “dead” end is inserted through the sleeve and swaged or spliced around the thimble when a Flemish loop is utilized.

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Swivel attachments allow loads to rotate during lifting without twisting the wire rope. This helps to avoid issues with the wire rope such as untwisting or unlaying. Swivels are offered in a variety of designs and configurations to adapt to the application, including standard designs that allow for positioning the hook before lifting and designs that utilize a high performance bearing that allows the load to be rotated while suspended.

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wire rope clips


Wire rope clips are used to create an eye in wire rope for various lifting, securement, safety, and construction applications. Wire rope clips are generally offered in U-bolt and Fist grip designs.

The U-bolt design is comprised of a u shaped bolt that passes through a saddle and is secured by two nuts. To form an eye, the clips are attached to the wire rope with the u-bolt on the dead end of the rope and the saddle on the live end.  “Never saddle a dead horse” is a great way to remember the rule.

The fist grip wire rope clip eliminates the need for concern about positioning on live or dead ends as it features two saddles tightened by nuts on opposing sides.

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wire rope swage eye fittings


Wire rope swage eye fittings are used to securely create an eye in the end of wire rope without bending or looping the rope. The end of the wire rope is inserted into the swage, then the swage is crimped around the rope. This provides a secure and flexible wire rope eye fitting which can be attached to a hook. In most cases, a swaged eye terminal fitting will offer 100% of the efficiency of the wire rope used.

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wire rope swageless eye fittings


Swageless eye fittings require no machine swaging and can be applied to wire rope using hand tools. This is an ideal solution when a fitting must be applied in the field or needs to conform to an exacting design standard. Mechanical Swageless fittings are comprised of two connecting parts that are joined with a bolt to make a secure fitting. Chemical or Spelter fittings employ a high strength resin that secures the wire to the fitting. Spelter Socket fittings will also yield 100% of the efficiency of the wire rope used in most situations.

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