Wire Rope

HSI is a leader in the wire rope manufacturing industry. Since 1930 when founder Ted Hanes began splicing wire rope for local contractors in Buffalo, we have been dedicated to constructing the highest quality wire rope available.

Wire rope is a durable piece of machinery consisting of several multi-wired strands wrapped around a central core. It is ideal for indoor and outdoor environments, as an incredibly strong and durable rope with resistance to environmental hazards like water, sunlight, heat, and chemicals.

Wire rope consists of a core around which a number of multi-wired strands are “laid” or helically bent. There are two types of cores for wire rope: fiber and wire cores. Fiber cores are made of synthetic fibers, while wire cores are either an Independent Wire Rope Core or a Strand Core. The core provides support and maintains the position of the outer strands during operation.

Any number of multi-wired strands can be laid around the core. The most common arrangement is six strands around the core, as this construction gives the best balance of positive attributes. In general, ropes constructed with more wires have increased flexibility, while ropes constructed with fewer wires have superior resistance to abrasion.

The size, grade, and construction of wire rope needed should be considered when choosing a rope for your application. To learn more about selecting the correct wire rope, wire rope design factors, and to see a comprehensive overview of wire rope, see our Wire Rope Information page.

If you have questions about which wire rope is best suited for your job, please call our product experts at 1-888-426-3755 and we will be happy to advise you on a solution.

standard 6x19 wire rope cross section


HSI standard wire ropes come in a full range of sizes, grades, and constructions. The most common classifications for standard wire rope are 6x7, 6x19, and 6x37. They may be ordered in bright or galvanized finishes, IPS and EIPS grades, right or left lay, and regular lay or lang lay.

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cable laid 7x7x7 wire rope


While all wire ropes are constructed of multi-wired strands wrapped around a core, cable laid wire ropes take this construction a step further, wrapping several wire ropes, each with their own core, around a central wire rope. This results in a rope constructed with very small wires in reference to its finished nominal dimension which will offer greatly improved flexibility and kinking resistance.

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compact wire rope cross section


Compact wire rope consists of wire rope strands that have been compacted to reduce the diameter of the strand and increase its density. The resulting rope has superior strength and abrasion resistance compared to standard wire rope, as well increased lateral compression strength. Typical applications for compact wire rope include crane lines, as compact rope can more easily fit into a sheave; and logging applications.

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galvanized 1x7 guy strand cable


Extra high strength and corrosion resistant galvanized guy strand cable is an extremely sturdy wire rope used to hold structures in place in the construction and transmission industries, as well as a safety barrier cable and guard rail strand. Typical applications include telephone poles and other positioning applications where a sturdy and non-flexible rope is needed.

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non aircraft 7x19 control cable


Commercial grade galvanized aircraft cable is a general purpose wire rope that is used in many industries for its increased corrosion resistance and strength. The galvanized coating on this wire rope provides lubrication while adding a protective layer against abrasive environments. Contrary to its common name, aircraft control cable, commercial grade GAC cannot be used in aircraft control applications.

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rotation resistant 19x7 wire rope


Rotation resistant wire ropes are constructed with outer strands twisted in the opposite direction of the inner strands, causing the layers to counteract each other’s twist. This prevents rotation of the load during applications where precise lifting or positioning is required. Rotation resistant ropes are available in a full range of sizes, grades and constructions. Swivels are not recommended for use with rotation resistant wire rope.

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