Hand Tools | Hanes Supply, Inc.

HSI provides the highest quality hand tools available from the most trusted brand names in the tooling industry. Whatever your application requires, we supply the right hand tools and hand tool accessories for the job. 

We partner with the finest hand tool brands in the industry to deliver the quality products our customers depend on, including Crescent®, GearWrench®, Wright Tool®, Snap-On®, Irwin®, Empire Level®, Klein®, Ridgid®, Razorback®, TrueTemper®, Union Tools®, Jackson Professional Tools®, Greenlee®, Southwire®, Crescent®, Gearwrench®, and Channellock®.

Each industry and jobsite has specific needs that require specific tools. Whatever hand tools your job requires, Hanes provides a solution from one of the most trusted brand names in the industry. If you have questions about what tool is best for your application, please contact our product specialists at 1-888-426-3755.

Clamping, Workholding & Positioning


Clamping tools hold work in proper alignment, leaving both hands free for work. We supply specialty clamping and workholding tools for unique needs, such as no-slip no-mar clamps with swivel pads, wide-opening clamps, and welding clamps with carbon steel jaws. We also stock standard vices for pipe welding, drill press, woodworking, and more.

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Crimpers, Benders & Formers


HSI supplies a variety of battery-powered and hand-held crimping tools for crimping lugs, splices, connectors, pipes, wires, sheet metal, and more. We also sell formers including sheet metal folding tools, and manual tube benders.

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Cutting Tools


Our selection of cutting tools covers your cutting application needs with everything from pocket knives to wire cutters. Utility blades, rotary cutters, and wire strippers are available for a wide variety of cutting applications. All of our cutting tools are designed with precision and safety in mind.

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Electrical Tools


We provide hand tools for the electrical industry, including cable fishing and pulling, knockout tools, overhead cable pulling, specialized lineman tools and more.

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Fastening Hand Tools


Our selection of high quality fastening hand tools includes fastener removal tools, hand riveters, screwdrivers and nut drivers.

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We supply durable, high strength files and file accessories, including hand file sets, file handles, file cleaners, and rasps.

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Hammers & Striking Tools


For any application requiring a hammer, we have a striking tool to fit your needs. Anvils, hatchets, blacksmith hammers, mallets, chipping hammers, sledges, split head hammers, and more come in a variety of sizes, weights and materials.

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Hand Saws & Hacksaws


Our heavy duty, versatile hand saws and hacksaws are ideal for standard or flush-cut applications. We also supply jab saws for quick and efficient cutting of drywall and plastic.

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Hand Tool Kits


Our assortment of tool kits include specialized tool sets for any industry, including electricians tool sets, mechanic sets, plumbing sets, and arc flash insulated electrician tool kits. We also provide plier sets, bit sets, crimping tool kits, and more.

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Impact Sockets & Bits


High-strength impact sockets are designed to withstand the impact of high vibrations and torque loads from electric and hand tools while fastening more quickly than with a manual wrench.

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Inspection & Retrieving Tools


Hanes provides inspection and retrieving tools for safely inspecting equipment and retrieving tools from hard to reach places. Our inventory includes inspection mirrors, magnetic pickups, and hooks and picks.

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Lawn, Garden & Outdoor Equipment


We offer a wide selection of outdoor equipment, including chain saws, rakes, shovels, wheelbarrows and trimmers for landscaping and lawn care; pressure washers and sprayers for surface cleaning; snow and ice removal products; and insecticides and repellents for outdoor pest control.

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Measuring & Layout Tools


Our selection of accurate and reliable measuring and layout tools allow workers to make incredibly precise measurements. Available products include levels, dial indicators, measuring tapes, laser levels, squares, stud finders, and tape measures.

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Piping & Tubing Tools


Our selection of specialty tools for piping and tubing applications includes flaring and swaging tools, pipe cutters, pipe bevellers, pipe drilling and tapping machines, pipe extractors, grooving machines, and more.

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We supply pliers for a variety of applications, including cutting, wire stripping, gripping pliers, lineman’s pliers, long nose and needle nose pliers, and specialty electrician’s pliers. Featured pliers brands include Klein, Greenlee, Southwire, Crescent, and GearWrench.

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Plumbing Tools & Fittings


To serve the plumbing industry with high quality tools that make jobs easier, we provide basin wrenches, reamers, pipe threaders and benders, sink drain wrenches, and testing and measuring tools.

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Prying Tools


Our tools for prying, removing and opening include nail pullers, wrecking bars and pry bars, including pry bar sets for a variety of applications.

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Punches, Chisels & Engravers


Our high quality, high strength chisels and punches are ideal for marking or impressing on work surfaces and for accurately driving nails.

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Scrapers, Spreaders & Trowels


Hand scrapers, putty knives, concrete trowels and mortar hoes allow for even spreading of materials to create a flat surface.

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Sockets & Bits


Easily tighten and loosen nuts and bolts with hand ratchets, power sockets, socket bits, breakers, pins, and rings. Including socket bit sets for ease of accomplishing various applications.

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Staplers & Tackers


Attach materials with high performance staplers and tackers from Hanes Supply.

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Tool Storage


Safely and effectively store tools with bucket bags and tool organizers, suspenders and tool aprons, tool lanyards, tool belts, and tool cases. Our tool storage products are made from durable, lasting materials to withstand day to day wear on the job.

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We supply wrenches for every need and application. Our stock includes adjustable wrenches, box end, pipe wrenches, structural wrenches, and more.

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Updated August 22, 2018

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If you would like to ask for your information, please submit a request by email to data.privacy@hanessupply.com with "Privacy Information Request" in the subject line. You can also send the request by mail:

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