chain sling information


HSI Hanes Supply, Inc.'s Buffalo Sling has a long history of providing quality chain slings to industry. We use CM® grade 80 Hercalloy 800 Chain and attachments along with Crosby® Fittings in the manufacture of our slings. In addition to the products you see here, we manufacture custom chain assemblies to your specifications. All Herc-Alloy 800 chain and attachments are black finish and/or color coded orange for easy, permanent identification. The chain is embossed with the grade (HA-800).

A higher strength heat treated alloy steel chain, CM grade 80 Herc-Alloy 800 chain is primarily used as a sling component for overhead lifting, but can be used in rigging and tie down applications where a lighter weight high strength chain is desirable. Recommended for overhead lifting by NACM, ANSI & OSHA.

Crosby® is considered the standard in the rigging industry. Crosby® products are manufactured with the highest design factors in the industry. These products are better able to withstand abusive field conditions because of the improved impact and fatigue characteristics designed into each item.

Before shipment, all Buffalo Sling chain slings undergo a succession of demanding quality control checks. Every sling is proof tested, registered and guaranteed for one year to be free from defects in materials and workmanship. A durable metal tag attached to the sling permanently identifies the grade, type, working load limit (at a specific angle of lift) and registration number of the sling.