Fall Protection

HSI provides quality fall protection equipment for projects that involve working at height. OSHA reports that falls are the leading cause of fatalities in the construction industry, with over a third of fatalities historically caused by a fall to a lower level. Implementing reliable fall protection safeguards at the jobsite doesn’t just save lives and prevent injuries – it also ups employee trust and comfort, which increases productivity.

Hanes supplies everything you need to ensure your work environment is safe and OSHA compliant. To prevent falls in the workplace we provide safety netting, harnesses, lifelines, and anchors. For effective navigation of emergency fall situations we offer a variety of shock absorbent lanyards, self-retracting lifelines, and leading edge solutions for working around unprotected edges.

We're proud to carry the most trusted brand names in the Fall Protection industry, including Honeywell Miller®, 3M DBI-SALA®, Falltech®, Petzl®, Buckingham®, French Creek®, and Guardian®.

fall protection anchors


Permanent and temporary solutions create secure anchor points on I-beams and related structures. Options include fixed and mobile beam anchors for full range of motion while working. 

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body belts


While body belts may be used in conjunction with some harnesses or as work positioning devices, they are most often not enough to ensure a reasonable level of safety. We recommend consulting with a Hanes Supply fall protection expert before using a body belt for work positioning.

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fall protection kits


Our Compliance in a Can makes personal fall protection as easy as possible. A durable bucket with a handle is stocked with everything you need to fulfill OSHA standards and stay safe during work at height. Our fall protection kit includes a full body harness, vertical lifeline, rope grab, and a roof anchor.

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Safety harnesses are a key component to successful fall arrest systems. We offer a wide variety of harness options with back and side d-rings, stretchable and non-stretch options, specialty welder harnesses, women’s harnesses, Arc Flash and FR rated harnesses for applications requiring arc and flash protection, and more.

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hooks & carabiners


Our inventory of hook anchors and twist-lock carabiners are available in various materials and sizes for a limitless number of applications. Available varieties include twist-lock carabiners and temporary hook anchorage connectors in steel and aluminum.

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lanyards & lifelines


Lifelines and lanyards provide fall protection for an array of construction applications at height. Shock-absorbing lanyards reduce fall arrest forces and prevent fall related injuries; stretchable lanyards greatly reduce chances of tripping or snagging over excess rope while working; and fall limiters and self-retracting lifelines reduce the need for extended fall distance clearance, minimizing injury risk and enabling easier rescue.

Compact and lightweight vertical and horizontal lifelines provide easy handling, installation, and storage. Vertical lifelines allow for mobility in applications where workers must climb while throughout a job, utilizing a rope grab to allow the anchor point to travel with the worker.

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The ABC’s of Fall Protection

Personal fall arrest systems can be broken down into three essential components:

  • Anchorage/anchorage connector or tie off point (beam anchor, lifeline, etc)
  • Body wear (safety harness)
  • Connecting device (shock-absorbing lanyard, self-retracting lifeline, etc)

How to Achieve Fall Protection

There are three key ways to achieve a successful and OSHA compliant fall protection system. These components may be utilized individually in some applications or combined to create a custom fall protection system designed around your specific safety needs.

Engineering – eliminate the hazard by changing the scope of the work, adding staging below, etc.

Passive Fall Arrest – utilize guard rails, netting, and positioning restraints that prevent the worker from getting too close to a hazard, or implement equipment that eliminates the possibility of falling or dangling.

Active Fall Arrest – personal fall arrest systems include anchor points, lanyards, harnesses - anything designed to arrest forces applied to the worker once they fall and subsequently keep them from hitting the ground. This is the least ideal form of fall arrest as it requires a rescue after a fall event. However, it is also the only practical way to accomplish compliance and safety in many applications.

If you have questions on how best to stay safe and OSHA compliant in your particular application, please contact our fall protection product specialists and we will work with you to create a custom fall protection system.

At-Height Solutions

In addition to personal fall arrest systems, Hanes provides fall protection equipment for other at height job situations:

Positioning/Restraint: A positioning/restraint system is used to hold a worker in place while allowing a hands-free work environment at elevated height, or to restrict the worker’s movement to prevent reaching a location where a fall hazard exists.

Suspension: Suspension systems are used widely in the window washing and painting industries and are designed to lower and support a worker while allowing a hands-free work environment. Suspension systems are a practical solution for confined space work and in maintenance operations in oil and gas, manufacturing, and energy generation facilities.

Retrieval: The retrieval system is primarily used in confined space applications where workers must enter tanks, manholes, etc, and may require retrieval from above should an emergency occur.

Fall Protection Equipment

Fall Protection equipment is required at 4 feet for workers governed by OSHA’s 1910 General Industry Standard and 6 feet for workers in the act of construction under the OSHA 1926 standard.

Hanes’ high quality fall protection equipment covers fall protection requirements and OSHA standards for any at-height job. Whether you need fall arrest systems in place for applications involving roofing, confined space, or suspension, Hanes provides fall protection equipment for your specific needs. For applications requiring personal protection from fire or arc flashes, we offer Arc Flash and FR rated harnesses and lanyards.