Export Compliance and Shipping

Compliance with Export Regulations

Hanes Supply is 100% committed to compliance with the Unites States and all foreign government’s laws and regulations. Please be aware that there are certain restrictions (based on goods, locations and/or parties) that may delay or prevent shipping to certain countries due to trade regulations and restrictions.

End-User Disclosure Requirement for Your Order

If you are placing an order and will forward on to another party (entity or company), it is Hanes Supply’s policy that the end-user of the item (if other than you or your company) must be reported when you place your order. In compliance with the Export Administration Regulations, a shipment cannot be diverted to an entity or location that is prohibited by the US Government. There are multiple screenings that are required to be completed on each individual order and the end-user must be screened as well.


Orders will be shipped based on your request. Please contact us for a quote for your specific order. Our current shipping options available are:

  1. Standard Carrier
  2. Express Courier – for this option, we will generally use:
    • UPS International Express
    • FedEx International Priority and Economy
    • DHL Worldwide Express
  3. Air Freight
  4. Ocean

Transit Times

Transit times will vary depending on the method of shipping, as well as destination address, weight, etc. We will provide a transit time for your order with the shipping quote.

Hanes Supply generally ships within 48 hours of placing your order. For items not currently in stock, shipping will depend on the manufacturer’s time frame, but every effort will be made to ensure the product is shipped to you as soon as it is available.

Special Packaging

Your order will be packaged sufficiently to be shipped at no cost to you. If any special packaging is required above our standard packaging, you will be notified within a reasonable timeframe of any additional charges for these services.

Hazardous Materials

If you place an order for any hazardous materials that require special packaging and documentation, we will quote you with that charge within a reasonable timeframe, as well. Certain requirements must be met in order to ship any hazardous materials.

If you have any questions about Hanes Supply’s International Shipping Policy, please contact us.