Nylon Slings

triangle-choker nylon sling, type 1

Type 1 (TC) Nylon Triangle Slings

Slings have a triangle and choker fitting on either end. This is most commonly used in a choker hitch, but can also be used in basket and vertical hitches.

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triangle-triangle nylon slings, type 2

Type 2 (TT) Nylon Triangle Slings

Slings have a triangle fitting on each end. Type 2 slings are more economical than Type 1. They are normally used in a basket hitch, can be used in a vertical hitch but they cannot be used in a choker hitch.

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eye and eye nylon sling, type 3

Type 3 (EE) Eye & Eye Nylon Slings

Slings have eyes at both ends - choice of straight or tapered eyes (tapered eyes are standard ≥ 2" web-width). Flat Eye slings are very popular slings which can be used in all three types of hitches. They are easy to remove from beneath the load after the load is in place. Unless Type 4 is requested, Type 3 will be supplied as the standard EE sling.

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twisted eye nylon sling, type 4

Type 4 (EE) Twisted Eye & Eye Nylon Slings

Twisted Eye slings are similar to Type 3 except the eyes are turned 90° to form a better choker hitch. This type of eye also nests together better when used in a basket hitch.

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endless nylon sling, type 5

Type 5 (EN) Endless Nylon Slings

Endless slings are very economical. They can be used in all three types of hitches and wear points can be moved to increase sling life. The sling legs can be spread for improved load balance.

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reverse eye cordura nylon sling, type 6

Type 6 (RE) Reversed Eye Nylon Slings with Cordura Wear Pads

Reversed Eye slings have protective webbing over the entire body and eyes. This extra webbing reinforces the sling and protects it from wear, resulting in an exceptionally resilient sling.

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attached eye wide-lift sling

Attached Eye Wide-Lift Slings for Light, Bulky Loads

Attached eye wide-lift slings are ideal for lifts that require wider bearing areas and some balance attributes. Eyes are made from separate material – WLA1 is 1-ply, WLA2 is 2-ply – both sewn to the sling body. Body is single ply for both 1 and 2-ply eyes.

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continuous eye wide-lift sling

Continuous Eye Wide-Lift Slings for Heavy Loads

Continuous eye wide-lift slings are constructed from one endless sling with the two body lengths butted and joined side-by-side. Stiffener webbing is used at the base of the eyes to deter the body webbing from folding down the middle.

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nylon bridle lifting slings

Nylon Bridle Slings

Nylon bridles can be configured with varied leg lengths for the purpose of simultaniously lifting several tool bags up to the work area. Contact your HSI sales representative for a made-to-order customized solution for your lifting needs.

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