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slingmax twinpath sling

Twin-Path® Slings are the world’s strongest and lightest lifting slings. These synthetic round slings feature two individual paths of fiber working together as one slings – providing the rigger with redundant back-up protection in the event that one of the paths are cut. Twin-Path® slings are used in place of chain and wire rope slings for heavy lifts. They weigh approximately 90% less than steel slings and have less than 1% elongation at rated capacity (compare to braided polyester round slings, which can stretch up to 9%). Twin-Path® slings can also be repaired.

Twin-Path® slings conform to ASME B30.9 Chapter six, US Navy NAVFAC P-307 Section 14, and CI 1905-07. The safety and inspection features found only in Twin-Path® products were created to overcome shortfalls riggers found in single path round slings. If ergonomics, productivity and safety are important, then Twin-Path® slings are your best choice. Twin-Path® slings are made in sizes up to 500,000 lbs. vertical rated capacity with larger capacities available by special order.

slingmax single path slings

Slingmax® Single-Path® Slings are the only single-path, high-performance fiber roundsling available with the Check-Fast® Inspection System and Covermax® Cover. The Covermax® Cover is the most durable cover available for a synthetic sling. Also available in polyester with a polyester cover and polyester core yarn.

twinpath adjustable bridle sling

The Twin-Path® Adjustable Bridle (TPXA with K-Spec core yarn, or TPA with polyester core yarn) is a two-leg bridle made with a Twin-Path® sling and an adjustable bridle ring. When tension is aplplied to the Twin-Path® Adjustable Bridle, it self-adjusts until the lifting point is over the center of gravity. This allows the two legs to be adjusted for a level lift without the need for custom slings or hardware.

slingmax sparkeater sling

The Sparkeater® sling is the sling to use when the job site is in a hot environment (up to 300 degrees F). These slings are made with high-temperature core yarns and a high temperature cover. Sparkeater® slings, as with all Twin-Path® slings, come with an inner red cover that provides an early warning for damage, as well as the patented Check-Fast® Inspection System.

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