Milwaukee's new 0801-20 M18 Forced Air Propane Heater

Milkwaukee M18 Forced Air Propane Heater
Milwaukee’s 0801-20 Propane Heater Forced Air offers exceptional heat output and convenient heat adjustment options. It features a variable heat output control and a forced air fan, ensuring optimal warmth even in chilly conditions, with BTU ratings ranging from 30,000 to 70,000. This 0801-20 propane heater, powered by a brushless motor, can run all day on a Milwaukee M18™ XC 5.0 battery (batteries and charger not included). Its AC/DC functionality and ergonomic design make it easily portable and suitable for use in well-ventilated environments. The 0801-20 M18™ Propane Heater has a user-friendly start-up process and a simple interface on top for quick ignition. It also includes on-board storage for the hose and regulator, providing convenient space-saving solutions.

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The Crosby Group Rigging for the Troops 2022

Hanes Supply is honored to sponsor The Crosby Group Rigging for the Troops 2022. we are supporting The Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation, which provides college scholarships and educational counseling to military children who have lost a parent in the line of duty. Thank you to The Crosby Group for creating this campaign and those who served our country.

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Let’s talk about Milwaukee’s Handheld Core Drill

Man using Milwaukee Core Drill on cement wall

If you saw our last blog on Milwaukee’s new MX Fuel Line, you’d know about a brand new product line aimed to revolutionize the way tradesmen work. These battery-powered tools will help to cut emissions (if that’s your thing) while allowing for easier jobsite performance without the annoyance of permit gathering while working inside.

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Milwaukee's new MX Fuel Line

Milwaukee MX Fuel is here banner
Milwaukee's addition of their MX Fuel Line, a battery-powered product line aimed to revolutionize the operation and longevity of lightweight tools has arrived. With the new line, Milwaukee set out to surpass previous performance, run-time and durability measures needed by all trades. What sets this product apart are the parallels in run time as compared to traditional gas-powered machines, all without any hazards associated with emissions, noise or vibration. This product also eliminates any frustration of permit gathering when working inside a building.

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Winter Safety for your car

Car in snow with text
Cold weather is here and it's time to start preparing yourself and your belongings. One of the most important things to prepare is your car. Snow tires and windshield tarps are great resources to have when it comes to protection from the elements, but the items inside of your car are just as important. There are several items that can get you out of a sticky situation and be beneficial in several scenarios.

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Louisville Ladder helps make your job easier

Main on Louisville Platform Ladder

While sometimes overlooked, a ladder is one of the most important components of the job you’re performing. Safety and function of your ladder will positively affect the job you’re working on. Louisville Ladder gives you the comfort and security knowing you're using some of the best products on the market, including two of their premier products.

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Milwaukee raises bar with new torque wrench

Milwaukee Digital Torque Wrench
The M12 Fuel Digital Torque Wrench outperforms traditional torque wrenches with not only faster installation speeds, but a larger reduction in user fatigue and repetitive motion injuries. This tool not only gets rid of the need for multiple tools, it gets rid of the chance to over-torque. The M12 Fuel Digital Torque Wrench delivers torque accuracy up to +- 2% CW.

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Milwaukee M18 1” Cordless Impact Wrench Is Available Now

Milwaukee M18 Cordless Impact Wrench

Big construction needs big bolts: much of our world, from bridges to skyscrapers, is held together by bolts upwards of 1 inch in diameter. Driving bolts of that size takes a tool with serious power. Until now, workers have relied on corded impact wrenches to get the job done, which are heavy, cumbersome, and tethered to extension cords, compressors, and generators.

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Ladder Safety Month: A Comprehensive Guide to Ladder Safety

Men on a ladder at jobsite
More than 100 people die from ladder-related accidents every year, and thousands more suffer disabling injuries. Using a ladder isn’t inherently dangerous – when ladders are in working condition, set up correctly, and used by a person with proper training, they're a safe and essential part of any construction site or home toolbox. So why do so many ladder related injuries and fatalities continue to occur?

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