Milwaukee raises bar with new torque wrench

Milwaukee Digital Torque Wrench
Milwaukee Raises Bar with Torque

Torque wrenches have always been a pivotal part of bolt tightening. Milwaukee is setting the standard, once again, with the brand new M12 Fuel Digital Torque Wrench.

The M12 Fuel Digital Torque Wrench outperforms traditional torque wrenches with not only faster installation speeds, but a larger reduction in user fatigue and repetitive motion injuries. This tool not only gets rid of the need for multiple tools, it gets rid of the chance to over-torque. The M12 Fuel Digital Torque Wrench delivers torque accuracy up to +- 2% CW.

With ONE-KEY capabilities, the user will be able to upload saved events for torque reporting, store certification records and service documents, while also being able to track progress toward the next calibration - functionality that allows work to be completed on schedule and unencumbered by inspector schedules and unforeseen maintenance.  You will also be able to take advantage of the industry’s largest tool tracking network and receive notifications when missing tools are found.

It doesn’t end there, there are also several customization options on ONE-KEY giving you the opportunity to store up to 15 custom modes on the digital torque wrench while also providing naming capability to quickly identify applications for more organized torque reporting. The M12 Fuel Digital Torque Wrench also features an LCD screen made with impact resistant glass. The screen is meant to give the user capability to adjust, set and visually see the value of the torque applied to the fastener. The LED light torque indicator will provide visual indication of the torque being applied to the fastener.

The keypad featured on the tool provides you the ability to change settings such as target torque, torque range, rundown torque, units of measurement and language. The vibratory torque indicator, powered by the Powerstate brushless motor, gives haptic feedback of the torque applied to a fastener.

The M12 Fuel Digital Torque Wrench comes in either a 1/2” with 12.5 – 150 ft-lb of torque range or a 3/8” with 10 – 100 ft-lb of torque range. Both sizes can be purchased as a full kit or just the bare tool package. The bare tool package will come with the M12 Fuel Digital Torque Wrench, a carrying case and certificate of calibration - while the full kit also gives you a battery charger and battery.

You can preorder the M12 Fuel Digital Torque Wrench now with the launch date aimed for mid-November.

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