Gunnebo GrabiQ™ Double Leg Adjustable Chain Sling

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Product Overview

By integrating shortening into our top fitting, Gunnebo GrabiQ Grade 100 range weighs up to 40% less than traditional chain slings while delivering more flexibility. This provides a cost-effective modular system that covers a broad range of lifting applications.

The components are made from special quenched and tempered alloy steel, a guarantee for very high strength, low weight, high wear resistance and long life. Slings are double tagged for safety and all lifting components are uniformly marked with equivalent chain size, grade, manufacture's designation and name for positive identification.

  • Intelligent design: Efficient and ergonomic lifts
  • Multiple functions in each component: Fewer components in each sling, resulting in cost effective lifting operations
  • Grade 10: 25 % added strength compared to grade 8
  • Less weight: Up to 7% reduction in total weight
  • High quality: All products are proof loaded and visually inspected
  • Less Expensive: 37% reduction in material cost
  • Chain fulfills requirements: ASTM A973/A973M-07(2012) EN 818-2:2008 (WLL +25%, reduced temperature range)

More Information
Manufacturer Gunnebo Johnson Corporation
Brand Name GRABIQ
Safety Factor 4:1
Legs Two
Grade 10 (200)
Standard Approvals
  • ASME B107-210

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