HSI is an ISO 9001:2015 registered manufacturer of American-made wire rope slings, synthetic nylon and polyester lifting slings, chain slings, and high performance synthetic Slingmax® slings.

All of our slings may be tested and certified before delivery upon request. Custom assemblies made to order are available for any lift with special requirements.

If you have questions about which sling is best for your lift, please contact our rigging specialists at 888-426-3755. With our sling manufacturing experience going back to 1930, we will be able to help you plan a safe and effective lift.

nylon eye and eye web sling


Nylon slings are a strong, lightweight, and very flexible rigging solution trusted by industries throughout the world. Our American-made nylon slings are treated for abrasion resistance, and can be worked in temperatures up to 180° F. With high resistance to alkaline environments, nylon lifting slings are ideal for many applications, but should never be used in acid conditions.

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blue polyester round sling


Polyester round slings offer a highly versatile solution for heavy lifting applications. This continuous loop of polyester fibers delivers exceptional strength and flexibility with minimal stretching, and is one of the most economical and durable lifting solutions available.

HSI’s American-made polyester round lifting slings are manufactured with an abrasion resistant fabric that is color-coded by weight capacity for easy identification of slings.

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    wire rope lifting slings


    Wire rope slings, designed for strength, flexibility, and abrasion resistance, are an ideal choice for heavy lifting and rigging jobs. With resistance to heat, water, sunlight, and chemicals, wire rope slings are used by construction, mining, marine, and energy industries around the world to reliably lift and secure loads.

    Hanes Supply’s American-made wire rope slings are manufactured in a wide variety of constructions, each offering different benefits like increased strength, flexibility, or abrasion resistance.

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    triple leg chain sling


    Chain slings are used primarily for overhead lifting in conjunction with a crane or lifting device. Standard sling configurations consist of chain branches which are affixed on one end to a master link or ring with some type of attachment, usually a hook, affixed to the opposite end.

    Chain Lifting Slings provide excellent performance in harsh environments. When using a chain for overhead lifting, an alloy grade, either grade 80 or 100, is recommended. Both are manufactured in house by HSI from special alloy steel and engineered for a superior combination of strength and durability.

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    slingmax twinpath slings


    Slingmax® Slings are the world’s strongest and lightest lifting slings. HSI is an Authorized Slingmax® Dealer with the ability to fabricate the world’s best performing synthetic slings, including TwinPath® slings. TwinPath® slings weigh 90% less than metal slings, and are repairable for repeated use.

    Additionally, HSI manufactures Slingmax® Sparkeater® slings for applications in hot environments up to 300°; and adjustable bridle slings for lifting unbalanced loads.

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    • Twin-Path® Adjustable Bridle Slings
    • Slingmax® Sparkeater® Slings
    high performance slingmax sling


    In addition to standard wire rope slings, HSI can manufacture both HSI and Slingmax® brand Special Application Slings.

    As sling manufacturing experts with nearly a century of experience splicing slings, HSI has the ability to manufacture hand-spliced wire rope slings, which retains the same rated capacity as swaged slings of the same diameter. These slings are especially useful in choker hitches where swages catch on the rope. Our Wayne Special sling offers one swage eye and one hand-tucked eye. Other options include cable-laid slings, which are comprised of seven individual wire ropes for increased flexibility characteristics.

    Slingmax® specialty sling options include Tri-Flex® wire rope slings, which utilize three parts to achieve both increased strength and flexibility; and Gator-laid® slings, which are the most efficient and flexible multipart heavy-lift wire rope slings available on the market.

    • Tri-Flex® Wire Rope Slings
    • Tri-Flex® with Cable Laid Wire Rope
    • Gator-Flex® Wire Rope Grommets
    • Gator-Laid® Wire Rope Slings
    • Hand-Spliced Wire Rope Slings
    • Cable-Laid Slings
    • Grommet Slings

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